Death or Glory explores the penance, purgatory and excess of ‘The Age of Discovery’.

The collection is inspired by a volatile time of religious conquests across vast seas, and journeys beyond the point of no return (when the world was thought to be flat) to the uncharted reaches of the new world.

Death or Glory features; colossal stones, bejewelled cathedrals, fallen saints, gargoyles, angels and soaring medieval vistas.

These striking jewels conjure stories of ruthless soldiers of fortune ruled by religion, barbarity, greed and audacity and the treasures they gained and lost.


Medieval are the crème de la crème of pieces inspired by the wealth and royalty of the Middle ages.

The wearer is taken on a journey back through time to another world. A world of knights in shining armor on missions to rescue persecuted maidens. Monarchies of royalty living in pure indulgence and secret trysts in forbidden territories.

Made from the finest metals and stones, these pieces are one of a kind.



Let them eat cake, is an offering of heavenly delights that are sumptuous, intoxicating and utterly delicious

Inspired by Mary Antoniette the collection features rich romantic  accents,  exquisite Renaissance ornament and luscious gems.  Luminous clusters of huge stones in atomic tangerine, rose pink and African violet are encased in rich gold hues.


This collection explores the dark headiness of love: the narcotic dreaminess of a balmy Midsummer night, the effervescent glitter of desire and intoxication.

To experience loves enigma; heaven and hell exquisitely entwined; pleasure, addiction, power, vulnerability, surrender, destruction.


Breaking new ground, like the men who wear them, these are powerful masterworks. This collection is made for the Natural-Born World-Shaker, who, like WLG, chooses his path & leaves the crowd behind in the dust.


Get swept away in a wild affair with WLG’s showcase of pioneering perfectionism. Boldly seductive, these pieces glimmer with dangerous romance. A dagger pierces a jewelled heart, magnificence in miniature as chandelier earrings drip with diamonds & galleons sail in peril of the mermaid’s siren song.