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The Mystic Chamber ring is a locking poison-ring carefully carved in 18ct gold, topped with a stunningly vivid citrine and further embellished by four white diamonds. The surface of this piece is engraved with swirls and flourishes in incredible detail, referencing William’s baroque movement influences.

This piece is known as a poison ring, a design that became popular in the 16th century, used to slip poison into an enemy’s food or drink. They have also been used throughout history to carry perfume, locks of hair, devotional relics, messages and other keepsakes.

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The Citrine Poison Chamber Ring features a diamond on each claw and clever design handmade from solid 18ct gold. This magnificent poison ring features a 12mm central Citrine stone that can be unlocked with a key to reveal a tiny secret compartment.

The ring is embellished in decorative engravings, with four bezel set white diamonds embedded within the claw setting. It has been entirely hand made (including the locking mechanisms). The dimensions of the locking box are approximately 12mm wide x 12mm deep x 18mm from the top of the Citrine to the bottom of the box. The key to open it is approximately 23mm long, and comes on a 45cm chain to be worn around the neck.